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YÜLI Pure Mask 白藜蘆醇淨化美白面膜

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Description YÜLI Pure Mask  白藜蘆醇淨化美白面膜 白藜蘆醇您聽過,食過,但未用過,經研究證實,白藜蘆醇原來對肌膚超好! 白藜蘆醇具有抑制體內黑色素生成的關鍵酵素-酪胺酸脢(Tyrosinase)的作用,進而降低黑色素生成,就可以使皮膚上的黑色素減少、膚色變白。醫學研究指出,白藜蘆醇具有保護皮膚,避免皮膚受到紫外線傷害的效果,而且其抗氧化物證實能提昇緊緻,對抗肌紋 而這款面膜含有白藜蘆醇成份,有效幫助皮膚排出毒素和雜質,進行淨化,並把營養素、抗氧化劑和膠原蛋白注入到皮膚表皮層。適合:任何類型皮膚都可以使用,因為面膜含抗氧化劑:EGCG、多酚、維生素E、鎂、鉀和鋅等,可以減少炎症 ,舒緩皮膚,減淡皺紋並重新激活細胞,促進新陳代謝。 用法: 可以加入小許水、蜜糖 或 花水。  3.4oz We wanted to create a mask that would alleviate problem skin which occurs in all skin...


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YÜLI Pure Mask  白藜蘆醇淨化美白面膜





任何類型皮膚都可以使用,因為面膜含抗氧化劑:EGCG、多酚、維生素E、鎂、鉀和鋅等,可以減少炎症 ,舒緩皮膚,減淡皺紋並重新激活細胞,促進新陳代謝。

用法: 可以加入小許水、蜜糖 或 花水。


We wanted to create a mask that would alleviate problem skin which occurs in all skin types when we’re stressed, or not treating our skin right. The mask works in two ways, first it draws out and neutralizes impurities and pore cloggers that cause the problems, then it imparts nutrients and beneficial minerals deep into epidermal layers to feed skin cells so skin is left effortlessly luminous.

Pure is a unique, concentrated water-activated powder. When awakened with water, this highly potent and nutritive blend transforms into an incredibly stimulating bioactive velvety paste. Pure is comprised of a dynamic fusion of detoxifying mineral-rich antioxidant clays that draw impurities and refine skin, bio-active fruit enzymes that gently exfoliate dead skin and grime, and ancient beauty botanicals rich in collagen stimulating and damage repairing antioxidants used in traditional Chinese medicine that impart cells with vital nutrients.  The Pure Mask won’t leave skin stripped or irritated, the creamy clay mask purifies skin while also delivering antioxidants, minerals, phyto-nutrients that restore optimal skin health leaving skin calm, glowing, and renewed.

What to expect:

The creamy mask will oxygenate skin, allowing you to feel the toxins and impurities being drawn out as skin becomes firmed. Skin will feel taut, this is part of the purifying process, and also enables nutrients, anti-aging agents, and collagen stimulators to penetrate deep into epidermal layers. Afterward, rinse gently as the mask transforms into a subtle milky cleanser to wash away all the impurities, grime, and dead skin cells. Skin is left glowing, radiant, and refreshed.

Ideal for:

Those with normal-combination skin types. Blemish prone skin will seeing marked improvement in complexion from acne clearing actives and reduction in pore congestion. Mature & Dry skin types will also benefit from using this non-stripping mask for the bioactive anti-aging nutrients, such as Antioxidant: EGCG , Polyphenols, & Resveratrol; wrinkle softening Vitamin E; and key skin food minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and zinc that reduce inflammation, relieve irritation and re-energize cell metabolism.

YÜLI的團隊由頂級化學家,營養科學家,植物學家以及前投資銀行家和管理顧問組成,他們的綜合人才在美國矽谷為消費者研發有水準及明智的產品,被ESPRIT雜誌評為2015年度最佳護膚產品之一。他們的努力還得到了Vogue Paris,Grazia Magazine,Elle France及其Cell Perfecto PM Corrective Serum的認可 。

一班創辦者彼此擁有同一個信念、就是夢想致力提供優質以及高效能的護膚產品給他們的客戶群。這家位於紐約受高等教育的矽谷團隊打破傳統美容領域的界限,強調所有產品符合人道,不經動物測試,製造可持續發展及高效的美容產品為目標。每支YÜLI產品的成分萃取自有機的野生原料,與頂尖的製造技術相結合,確保了原料的純淨度及貫徹道德消費且安全使用為原則推出。 GreenBeautyKoKo很榮幸成為第一間YÜLI在亞洲的零售商。

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Rhassoul clay^^, V. radiata (mung bean) powder*, Australian Beige clay^^, powered R. damascena (rose) petals*, French green clay^^, O. sativa (rice) powder*, Zeolite^^, B. frereana resin^^, S. alba (white willow bark) powder*, A. indica (neem) leaf powder*, Biodynamic fruit enzymes, C. sativus (cucumber) extract*, milk powder*, MSM, Biophotonically Charged Matcha*, C. vulgaris (chlorella), A. linearis (rooibos) extract*, L. barbarum (goji berry), Magnesium



  • Mix 1 teaspoon of powder with roughly 1 teaspoon water
  • Add and mix 2-3 drops of serum if a nutrient boost or intensive moisturization is desired
  • Blend with your choice of honey, yoghurt, or tea to provide additional benefits
  • Mixture is activated when blend turns to a velvety paste consistency
  • Massage onto skin, focus extra paste on active blemish prone areas
  • Leave on until dried (est. 15 minutes), extend wear by spritzing with Elixir to keep enzymes active
  • Rinse face with lukewarm water
  • Mask will turn slightly milky and impurities are carried off
  • Follow with desired YÜLI elixir and serum treatment while skin is still moist
  • May be used as a immediate healing spot treatment