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YÜLI Ambrosia Beauty Nectar 愛麗絲益生菌活膚精華

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Description YULI Ambrosia Beauty Nectar 愛麗絲益生菌活膚精華 50ml YULI Skincare 是一個結合現代科技&有機野生植物研究的有機護膚品,其總部和實驗室更是設立於 #美國矽谷。   👨🏼‍🔬皮膚科醫生推薦益生菌對肌膚有好多好處,增強肌膚屏障,低抗外來細菌及致敏源   選用 18 種以上的透明質酸份子,,最先進的仿生表皮生長因子和血橙及椰子植物胎盤提取物。在美國加州大學伯克利,史丹福大學,由矽谷和巴黎的研究團隊共同開發,並經過亞洲皮膚病學和整形外科醫院的廣泛臨床測試精華液採用尖端透明質酸技術配製而成,有效保濕和舒緩疲勞肌膚 無論 #乾肌、#油肌、#暗瘡肌 及 #敏感肌 都適用   使用後效果:   1. 有效逆轉皮膚老化:通過刺激新細胞發育和促進優質膠原蛋白產生 2. 馬上改善皮膚水分含量和保提高穩定性分:通過提供強效水分和生長因子,促進水合和恢復活力 3....

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YULI Ambrosia Beauty Nectar 愛麗絲益生菌活膚精華 50ml

YULI Skincare 是一個結合現代科技&有機野生植物研究的有機護膚品,其總部和實驗室更是設立於 #美國矽谷
選用 18 種以上的透明質酸份子,,最先進的仿生表皮生長因子和血橙及椰子植物胎盤提取物。

無論 #乾肌#油肌#暗瘡肌#敏感肌 都適用
1. 有效逆轉皮膚老化:通過刺激新細胞發育和促進優質膠原蛋白產生
2. 馬上改善皮膚水分含量和保提高穩定性分:通過提供強效水分和生長因子,促進水合和恢復活力
3. 有效抗炎,促進傷口癒合:高效抗氧化劑可以保護和修復皮
4. 可舒緩濕疹、敏感、暗瘡、玫瑰痤瘡問題

YÜLI的團隊由頂級化學家,營養科學家,植物學家以及前投資銀行家和管理顧問組成,他們的綜合人才在美國矽谷為消費者研發有水準及明智的產品,被ESPRIT雜誌評為2015年度最佳護膚產品之一。他們的努力還得到了Vogue Paris,Grazia Magazine,Elle France及其Cell Perfecto PM Corrective Serum的認可 。

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An essential all-in-one skin boosting concentrate formulated from cutting edge hyaluronic acid technologies to maximize hydration, improve moisture retention, and soothe fatigued skin. This beautifying nectar features a powerhouse of advanced rebuilding EGF combined with a high-potency cocktail of next-generation antioxidants and phytonutrient botanical extracts to repair and strengthen skin for revitalized, supple radiance.

Made from the finest botanicals sourced on-site for exceptional freshness and purity. Ambrosia incorporates the fragrant blood orange fruit and highly nutritious and revitalizing coconut endosperm tissue that work in synergy with the latest breakthroughs.

This nutritive nectar’s innovative formula incorporates an advanced delivery system that optimizes the transport of our next generation actives, efficiently delivering moisture and rejuvenating anti-aging co-factors to multiple levels of skin. Intelligent synergy boosts the performance of mists and oils.

  • Anti-aging actives reverse skin aging by stimulating new cell development and boosting the targeted production of the good class of collagen (found in youthful skin, not in scar tissue). Standard anti-aging actives exfoliate skin which can shorten cell lifespan, promote irritation and create inflammation. Our next-generation youth actives are constructive; they improve and enhance the health of skin, extending the integrity of telomeres which prolongs skin vitality.
  • Immediately improves skin moisture content and retention
  • Boosts hydration and rejuvenation through delivering an intense dosage of next generation moisture and growth factors
  • Protect and repair skin with high potency antioxidants, classed as pharmaceutical-grade in Asia
  • Promotes wound healing and strengthens anti-inflammatory response
  • Provides the vital nutrients for skin to rejuvenate and activate new cells
  • Excellent for rebuilding and healing skin especially during post-surgical recovery

Formulation: Vegan, Oil-free, Essential-oil free, pH-balanced, Non-photosensitizing

Made for: All Skin Types, especially dehydrated and mature skin. Ideal for those looking for daily anti-aging treatment that is not formulated with chemical acid exfoliators and retinol, and skin that does not respond well to oil based serums.

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Energized water, Lactobacillus/kelp ferment filtrate bioferment, Sodium PCA, Glycerin, Multi-molecular Hyaluronic Acid Complex, Caprylyl Glycol, Sorbic AcidP. menziesii/C. sinensis hydro-phytonutrient extract*, Astaxanthin, Coconut Endosperm, Porphyridium Cruentum, Fucoxanthine, Thioredoxin, Glutaredoxin, EGF+, p-Anisic acidglyceryl caprylate


* Organic


Ambrosia is highly adaptable and incredibly versatile. It will boost the efficacy of your entire skincare ritual, and amplify the benefits of mists and oils.

We recommend indulging in experimentation to discover how Ambrosia works best within your routine.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Method 1: After cleansing & toning, shake gently & apply 3-6 pumps or as desired to hands. Massage nectar onto skin, pressing delicately as you go. Follow with face oil.
  • Method 2: After cleansing & toning, shake gently & mix 3-6 pumps or as desired with face oil onto hands. Massage emulsion onto skin, pressing delicately as you go.
  • Method 3: Apply as desired immediately after cleansing. Gently massage & press into skin. Follow with mist.