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Skin Stamp Vertical Mirco Needle Stamp



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What is the SkinStamp?

The SkinStamp is FDA-approved supplemental medical tool for micro-needle skin therapy. It uses 100% natural healing process of human body. This special treatment is non-surgical and non-ablative treatment. And uses for various skin conditions such as aging (wrinkles, stretching mark), scar (acne, surgical), pore size, and hyper pigmentation.


-Scar treatment

The micro needles, penetrating on thickened scar tissues vertically, cut off the lemniscuses (fibrous band). This improves the flexibility of the skin, and diminishes the thickness of the scar tissues. Also, this effect improves stretch mark.

-Pore size treatment 

Accelerating keratolrysis (dead skin peeling) cycle by the SkinStamp improves dilated pore. In addition, it brights skin tone, like microdermabration, but it is particle free.

-Transdermal drug delivery.

Numerous micro holes created by the SkinStamp on the skin increase the penetration rate of active ingredients of drug or corneum about 200 times. It maximizes the effectiveness of drug or cosmetic solution.

-Improvement of elasticity.

The stimulation of the SkinStamp activates natural healing process of human body. During this healing process, many kinds of growth factors, and cytokines are created. This improves elasticity of the skin. Furhemore, it improves acne and pore size problems by reducing inflammation, and restaring excessive sebum.

​Features: ​

​1​. Registered the FDA  & KFDA

​2​. Needle Material : SUS 304 (Made in Japan / By the JIS Standardization )

​3​. Number of Needle : 140Needles

4. Made in Korea