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Restore Hydration50種有機電解質飲品 60ml

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Description  #Miranda Kerr 大力推薦的排毒瘦身飲品之一  ChlorophyII Liquid, 名模 Miranda Kerr 在 14歲就開始飲料  ChlorophyII Liquid 相關飲品。 【🌱葉綠素功效】   (1)造血作用:葉綠素中富含微量元素鐵,是天然的造血原料,沒有葉綠素,就不能源源不斷地製造血液,人體就會發生貧血。   (2)提供維生素🌱:葉綠素中含有大量的維生素C與無機鹽,是人體生命活動中不可缺少的物質,還可以保持體液的弱鹼性,有利於健康。   (3)維持酶的活性:葉綠素在酶的製造、維持其活性上有重要作用。葉綠素與酶的結合,就是生命的延續過程。 (4)解毒作用💩:葉綠素是最好的天然解毒劑,能預防感染,防止炎症的擴散,還有止痛功能。只要多喝點含葉綠素的蔬菜汁,就能使口腔、鼻腔、身體散發出的口臭、汗味、尿味、糞便味等異味消失。   (5)抗病強身:葉綠素在改善體質,祛病強身方面也有很多作用。如能增強機體的耐受力;還有抗衰老、抗癌、防止基因突變等功能,是人體健康的衛士。   (6)維持酶的活性,抗突變,抗癌,抗衰老: 葉綠素在酶的製造、維持其活性上有重要作用。葉綠素與酶的結合,就是生命的延續過程。   (7)降低膽固醇:葉綠素含植物皂素,可以降低膽固醇。 (8)促進消化,改善便秘...

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#Miranda Kerr 大力推薦的排毒瘦身飲品之一  ChlorophyII Liquid, 名模 Miranda Kerr 在 14歲就開始飲料  ChlorophyII Liquid 相關飲品。

(6)維持酶的活性,抗突變,抗癌,抗衰老: 葉綠素在酶的製造、維持其活性上有重要作用。葉綠素與酶的結合,就是生命的延續過程。
(8)促進消化,改善便秘 💩。

 #澳洲 的海床中,蘊含著人體所需的電解質;而人體體液成份又與孕育萬物的海洋相近,由極為相近的鉀、鈉、鈣、鎂等 #電解質 組成,說生命源於海洋亦不無道理。當它失去平衡的時候,人體就會感到不適。這時候注射生理鹽水就是這個原因。

由30年經驗的澳洲醫生,結合 #Aryuveda、人體自然療法、科學引証 方法研究人的行為、生活和體育等各方面;根據「能喝的點滴液」的概念,而研發出有機 Restore。

Restore ph 7.5-8 , #同身體體液非常接近,而且內有 #葉綠素,可以加強身體抵抗力 及 改善健康!


Restore 有超過50種 有機電解質和基本微量元素,長期飲用對人體身心有和諧及平衡酸鹼值作用

成份: 葉綠素、50種天然礦物質、電解質等等
💧即時補充電解質 、排毒、增加血液循環、瘦身的好朋友
💧鹼性水份可以 改善身體的慢性疾病(如:腸胃病)
💧 吸收更多的水份,而不是飲完即刻去廁所 
💧 有助對抗濕疹敏感症狀


Restore Hydration is an innovative and unique mineral concentrate formula that rapidly corrects the symptoms of cellular dehydration. Restore Hydration is a blend of over 50 types of organic sea minerals from Australia’s Great Barrier reef, Australian desert salts and Himalayan salts, and Stevia, mixed in a base of liquid chlorophyll. When the concentrate is combined with an appropriate volume of high quality spring or filtered water the electrolyte drink is able to bypass any biochemical blocks interfering with the passage of water into your cells.

It is the specific ratio balance between the Himalayan salt and the sea minerals in Restore concentrate that makes this unique hypertonic solution a powerful natural electrolyte. Restore Hydration fast tracks cellular re-hydration, which subsequently has a detoxifying effect on the cell. Restore is more powerful than any other electrolyte products on the market today.

Withing 2-4 weeks of continual daily use of Restore Hydration there will be improved cellular metabolic function giving you more energy, clearer mental function and fewer aches and pains.


Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, Boron,Molybdenum, Barlum, Barilium, Calcium (Ca), Phosphorus (P), Sulphur (S), Magnesium (Mg), Zinc (Zn), Lithium, Titanium, Uranium, Vanadium, Arsenic, Selenium, Cadmium, Chromium, Nickle, Silver, Tin, Nitrates-Nitrogen, Nitrogen, Sulphate, Salt from Chloride  

Shake well before use. Add 5 - 10 ml of Restore to 1.5 litres of mineral or spring water.



 As a result of many lifestyle factors, we  suffer from multiple metabolic blockages, preventing the effective passage of water into our cells. Restore helps bypass these blockages facilitating penetration of water into our cells. This allows for rapid shifts in energy and wellbeing can be achieved without the use of any additional supplements.


Restore is an intelligent electrolyte.

Commercial electrolyte drinks often contain excessive sugar, calories and artificial chemicals. They also usually contain high quantities of a chemical called Bromine. Bromine depletes your body of a very important mineral called Iodine that is essential for the balance and the metabolism of hormone production.

Restore contains organic trace minerals and salts that rehydrate your cells WITHOUT sugar, calories or artificial chemicals that negatively affect your biochemical balance.

 Cellular dehydration is commonly caused by the following:


Caffeinated drinks take water from the body via diuresis.


 Medication, tobacco and recreational drugs cause cellular dehydration and close down the neurochemical pathways responsible for the thirst reflex.

 Soft Drinks

Carbonated drinks deplete your cells of essential minerals.

Insufficient Salt Intake

 Sodium is the most important mineral responsible for getting the water into our cells.


 Alcoholic beverages work like caffeine and are also mineral depletive.

 Stressful Lifestyle

Fast paced living increases the stress on the adrenal gland which leads to rising levels of cortisol subsequently causing cellular dehydration as the body makes efforts to flush out the cortisol.

您知道 Restore 葉綠素 ChlorophyII 有什麼好處嗎?






(6)💃維持酶的活性,抗突變,抗癌,抗衰老: 葉綠素在酶的製造、維持其活性上有重要作用。葉綠素與酶的結合,就是生命的延續過程。

(8)促進消化,改善便秘 💩