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Odacite Green Ceremony Cleanser 二合 一去荳淨肌排毒抹茶潔面粉



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100g | 3.5oz

採用日本最上乘的抹茶、螺旋藻、蜂蜜、蘆薈等等高度抗氧 及解毒力量,深層潔淨每個毛孔,徹底清除毒素污垢
Odacite🍵Green Ceremony Cleanser 的研發靈感是來自創辦人一次日本之旅,體會了茶道的四大精神「清淨 🌿 謙敬 🌿和諧🌿 空寂」後將此融會天然溫和成分,製造出這款能徹底淨膚的潔顏粉。
特級抺茶🌿 : 在採摘前3-4星期開始用黑布遮蓋隔絕陽光,讓茶葉產生更豐富葉綠素,從而做到極高抗氧化締造透亮膚色,清除肌膚積存的毒素改善暗瘡問題,同時抗禦自由基對細胞侵害。
蘆薈🌿: 高度保溼和恢復肌膚活力。
蜂蜜 🍯🐝: 強效抗菌、舒緩及滋潤作用,高效抗氧化,有助延緩衰老。
螺旋藻 🌱: 內含多達200種以上人體必需營養,包括蛋白質、維他命、礦物質、氨基酸、胜肽和脂肪酸,能減淡細紋及皺紋,緩和紫外線傷害。
小蘇打及檸檬酸: 去除角質、疏通毛孔、清除多餘油脂、預防暗瘡粉刺形成,並有效減退暗瘡印。


Purpose: Cleanse and Detoxify 
Results: Leaves skin clean and healthy with a fresh complexion


Formulated with powder-to foam efficacy and bursting with the power of Matcha + Spirulina, this treatment cleanser removes all surface impurities, delivering a deep cleanse while respecting the skin barrier and energizing the skin.

Inspired by Odacité founder’s trip to Japan, The Green Ceremony Cleanser applies to skin the four founding principles of the tea ceremony:


PURITY : Formulated with powder-to-foam efficacy to free your skin from contaminants and pollutants. We paired honey and sodium bicarbonate for a remarkable purifying effect, removing excess dirt, oil and dead skin, helping to treat acne-prone skin & reducing breakouts, while revitalizing tired skin.

RESPECT : Using a gentle foam derived from coconuts - also known as baby soap - this cleanser removes all surface impurities, while respecting the delicate ecosystem of the skin. The high chlorophyll content of Matcha acts as a powerful detoxifier, leaving your skin dirt-free, fresh and never tight.

HARMONY : Concentrated Aloe Vera powder helps to calm any skin inflammation and redness, while Matcha + Spirulina offer their potent antioxidants to help reverse free radical damage and maintain fresh, youthful skin.

TRANQUILITY : Take a moment to reconnect with yourself and discover a few minutes of much-needed tranquility. Through the pleasure of transforming powder-to-foam and the delicious effect of massaging it into your skin, create calm amid daily stress.

Includes Green Ceremony Cleanser, Measuring Scoop and Muslin Cloth.



    Matcha, Spirulina, Honey, Baby Foam, Aloe Vera, Baking Soda + Citric Acid

    Pour one measuring Scooper of Green Ceremony Cleanser into the palm of your hand - Activate powder to foam with the addition of a couple drops of water - Massage into the skin to cleanse away impurities ( avoiding eye areas) allowing it to act for a few minutes - Remove using the muslin cloth with warm water