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Namari Staub 仙樂飄飄

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Description Namari Staub  200ml 【暗瘡肌都變白滑肌💜令皮膚重新的 Namari 仙樂飄飄】 成份非常巴閉又珍貴的Namari 仙樂飄飄🌿 榮登客人No.1 產品,爛面妹都變滑面豬,含多種有機成份:摩洛哥Rhassoul、粉紅粘土、芙蓉、肉桂、#小球藻、#銀、#硫磺、#木瓜酵素 其中小球藻、銀、硫磺、木瓜酵素:🌼有效消炎殺菌,預防炎症🌼修復受損細胞🌼有效治療 #荷爾蒙暗瘡🌼增加皮膚循環增生🌼去黑頭 用水激活之後,就會變成淡紫色的muse質地,可以促進血液循環,吸收雜質,恢復細胞活力。我地的爛面客人用完大讚,可以同不同產品混血變成潔面乳、清潔面膜、去角質粒粒,非常多用途! Luxury meets a century-old beauty ritual in this skin transforming blend of Moroccan Rhassoul clay, ground...


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Namari Staub  200ml

【暗瘡肌都變白滑肌💜令皮膚重新的 Namari 仙樂飄飄】

成份非常巴閉又珍貴的Namari 仙樂飄飄🌿 榮登客人No.1 產品,爛面妹都變滑面豬,含多種有機成份:摩洛哥Rhassoul、粉紅粘土、芙蓉、肉桂、#小球藻##硫磺#木瓜酵素

🌼有效治療 #荷爾蒙暗瘡


Luxury meets a century-old beauty ritual in this skin transforming blend of Moroccan Rhassoul clay, ground hibiscus blossoms, genuine silver and micro-algae.

Activated with water, it turns into a lush purple mousse that boosts circulation, draws out impurities and revitalizes on cellular level to reveal a refreshed and rosy complexion.



It exfoliates in multiple ways:

  • The acids of Vitamin C and freshly milled Hibiscus combined with Papaya enzymes as well as non-abrasive particles work synergetically to provide just the right level of resurfacing that doesn't strip or damage skin. 
  • Genuine silver prevents inflammation and soothes your freshly polished complexion. 
  • Can be adjusted to your current needs which makes it one of the most versatile products in my line
  • A must-have to deeply cleanse, transform and detoxify any skin."

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1. 維生素C和木瓜酵素有效於不傷害皮膚下去除角質

2. 銀成份可防止炎症,例如暗瘡、濕疹

mineral rich clays: Moroccan Rhassoul, Clay, Pink Clay

precious raw materials: Hibiscus, Tonka, Cinnamon, Chlorella, Silver

vitamins and nutrients: Vitamin C, Sulfur, Papaya Enzymes




To exfoliate: 2-3 times a week, put one teaspoon of the powder into the palm of your hand and blend with droplets of water until it reaches a creamy mousse constistency. Apply to damp skin with gentle, circular movements. Rinse and finish off with a warm compress.

As a mask: 1-2 times per week blend two teaspoons of the powder with equal  parts of water until a creamy mousse forms. Apply to cleansed skin, relax and allow to dry completely. Rinse with plenty of water and a warm compress.

Expect a slightly tingling sensation as well as a temporary redness due to the active ingredients.