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MY.ORGANICS The organic revitalizing shampoo 薄荷棟樹豐柔洗髮露



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  • 具振奮作用,適合幼細至一般髮質
  • 薄荷油含豐富的脂肪酸有效淨化頭皮,同時帶來清涼感覺,有助刺激血液循環。
  • 印度楝樹是天然補濕成份、有治療巧效、可控制頭屑
  • 使用一次已能深入和連續地使頭髮再生
  • 連續使用 3 個月,增加頭髮數量 22%,減少脫髮 60.6%
  • 有助修補和強化髮質,每星期使用一次 ,配合護膚素效果更佳
  • 250ml

產地: 意大利

Shampoo for skin and hair improving thickness, density and structure. Enriched with the active substance Baicapil, a combination of botanical active ingredients that fights hair loss with visible effects and stimulates hair growth.

Your hair will be stronger, solid and shinier. Your Scalp revitalised and clean. It delays senescence and activates stem cells. Hair quantity increase of 22% for cm² and after only 3 months hair loss is reduced of 60.6%.

Wet the hair, apply evenly on the scalp and hair, massage and then rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.