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Product Detail

MY.ORGANICS Supreme Shampoo 重整生髮枸子洗髮水



  • 使頭髮更易打理
  • 使用一次已能深入和連續地使頭髮再生,改善頭髮的結構,頭髮有軟綿綿效果
  • 連續使用 3 個月,增加頭髮數量 22%,減少脫髮 60.6%
  • 有助修補和強化髮質
  • 250ml

產地: 意大利

MY.ORGANICS Supreme Shampoo

  • Regenerating and Restructuring Shampoo for the hair fiber
  • Restores the youth of deconstructed, ruined, treated, dry and dehydrated hair improves the hair manageability
  • Regenerates deeply and continuously from the first application, improving the structure of the hair

Apply it on the scalp with a massage and then distribute the products on your hair from the scalp to the ends. Rince