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Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask 朱古力美白緊緻面膜

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Descriptions Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask 朱古力美白緊緻面膜 【 美容達人都用的 面膜  】 #英國凱特王妃(Kate Middleton)明艷照人,你會說:她是王妃,大把條件做保養!其實英國皇室御用美容師披露,實在無從猜到凱特王妃有個小小的美容癖好,就是愛敷朱古力mask 💟。 #朱古力 的原材料可可豆含有豐富的可可脂,屬天然油脂的一種,不但不會提高膽固醇,其高含量的硬脂酸更有助降低血液中的壞膽固醇水平。」而且可可脂含豐富的抗氧化物質多酚,有助擴張血管,增加血液流通,從而降低血壓,並預防心臟病。對於皮膚這個人體最大的器官,可可脂發揮的作用更大😍。 1. 可可脂是天然抗氧化劑,可儲存二至五年,它的多酚類成分,能紓緩自由基對肌膚的侵害,加速新陳代謝,保持肌膚白滑幼嫩富彈性。2. 黃酮類物質的含量也極高,有效保護肌膚免受陽光中的紫外線損害。3. 加上脂肪酸及微量元素等營養成分,鎖水能力極佳,有助改善乾燥膚質。所以可可脂特別適合用來調配滋潤度高的護膚品,例如手腳滋潤霜、潤脣膏或天然有機手工皂等。 #JoshRosebrook 的面膜大家可以 跟據不同肌膚 Mix & Match 混合,變身成 Tailor Made 的面膜...


#英國凱特王妃(Kate Middleton)明艷照人,你會說:她是王妃,大把條件做保養!其實英國皇室御用美容師披露,實在無從猜到凱特王妃有個小小的美容癖好,就是愛敷朱古力mask 💟

#朱古力 的原材料可可豆含有豐富的可可脂,屬天然油脂的一種,不但不會提高膽固醇,其高含量的硬脂酸更有助降低血液中的壞膽固醇水平。」而且可可脂含豐富的抗氧化物質多酚,有助擴張血管,增加血液流通,從而降低血壓,並預防心臟病。對於皮膚這個人體最大的器官,可可脂發揮的作用更大😍

1. 可可脂是天然抗氧化劑,可儲存二至五年,它的多酚類成分,能紓緩自由基對肌膚的侵害,加速新陳代謝,保持肌膚白滑幼嫩富彈性。
2. 黃酮類物質的含量也極高,有效保護肌膚免受陽光中的紫外線損害。
3. 加上脂肪酸及微量元素等營養成分,鎖水能力極佳,有助改善乾燥膚質。所以可可脂特別適合用來調配滋潤度高的護膚品,例如手腳滋潤霜、潤脣膏或天然有機手工皂等。

#JoshRosebrook 的面膜大家可以 跟據不同肌膚 Mix & Match 混合,變身成 Tailor Made 的面膜

#CaCoMask 的功效非常明顯,可以 #去水腫 #美白 #改善暗瘡印 #媲美做完RF 效果!!

1.5 fl oz | 45ml
Cacao Antioxidant Mask was Josh Rosebrook's first product, initially made for himself and then for his private clients. The success and demand for this mask led to the development of the Josh Rosebrook line today, based on whole plant ingredients that work in synergy for optimal results. The cacao mask is detoxifies, stimulates blood flow and delivers a wide range of antioxidants and phytonutrients that repair skin and leave it glowing.

With a base of rich and nutritious cacao, this decadent mask is easy to apply and remove. It brings on a natural flush of new blood flow and vitality. You'll see the glow.

• Rapid exfoliation and cell turnover

• Improved skin tone and smoothness

• A concentrated dose of vitamins and nutrients that will bring tired skin back to life

Vitamin Infused Water, Cacao*, Witch Hazel*, Vinegar*, Almond Oil*, Marula Oil†, Baobab Oil*, Grape Seed Oil*, Rose Petal*, Turmeric*, Goji Berry*, Dandelion*, Eyebright*, Rosemary*, Ashwagandha*, Sage*, Beetroot*, Alfalfa*, Black Cohosh*, Raspberry Leaf*, Elderberry*, Chickweed*, Calendula*, Rose Hips*, Hawthorn Berry*, Ginkgo*, Cinnamon*, Marshmallow Root*, Bladderwrack*, Ginger*, Milk Thistle*, St. John’s Wort*, Cat’s Claw*, Licorice*, Lavender*, Fenugreek*, Orange Essential Oil†, Lavender Essential Oil†, Rosemary Essential Oil†, Calendula Essential Oil†

* Certified Organic

† Organic

Moving quickly with fingers or a mask brush, apply a thin layer from the neck to the forehead, avoiding the eye area. Allow to dry on the skin for up to 45 minutes, then remove with a warm wet wash cloth. You may experience slight redness, which is the desired result of increased circulation.