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Verité Jojoba & Olive Oil Cleansing Balm 荷荷巴橄欖卸妝膏



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ingredients: olea europeal*, cocos nucifera*, ricinus communis*, simmondsia chinensi*, calendula officinalis extract*, euphorbia antisyphilitica, citrus limonum*, eucalyptus smithii*, pelargonium graveolens*, d alpha tocopherol

* certified organic

directions: Sweep a pea sized amount of oils all over face and neck. Gently massage into skin for 2-5 minutes then remove with a warm damp wash cloth.

A luxurious balm with skin cleansing oils of jojoba, olive, lemon and eucalyptus to cleanse impurities from skin and remove makeup. It can be used daily for all skin types as the blend of oils will help to balance, oily and dry skin. Wonderfully multitasking - it can be used to remove eye makeup, as a face mask and as a shaving balm too.

1.7 oz / 50 ml