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In The Raw - Konjac Body Sponge



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not a sponge為一個特製面部及身體潔膚系列的梳乎厘海綿,以全手工製及純素的100%韓國濟州蒟蒻潔面梳乎厘,蘊含多種不同之維他命及礦物質,包括:維他命A﹑B1﹑B2﹑B6﹑B12﹑C﹑D﹑E﹑鋅﹑葉酸﹑銅等,不含化學成份或人造色素,減少肌膚之負擔。

  • 天然潔面,無需使用潔面乳或沐浴乳
  • 能溫和按摩肌膚,同時去角質 有效加速血液循環
  • 令肌膚自然更新 Freeze-dried,令產品以最輕的狀態呈現
  • 純素﹑100%無添加色素或人造成份及可生物分解 
  • 有效減少地球污染及減少製造污水,貫徹環保理念


 1. 先將not.a.sponge*放入水,反覆擠壓 

2. 5秒後,not.a.sponge*儲有足夠水份後會發漲,質感變得如梳乎厘般柔軟,將not.a.sponge*直接按摩肌膚即可(無需使用任何潔面乳/ 沐浴乳)。 

not.a.sponge* infused with volcanic scoria is gently exfoliating, anti-aging and super soothing. This volcanic compound unique to pristine JeJu Island gently exfoliates and firms the skin washing away the years and leaves you with a healthy, natural glow. Scoria is said to be hugely beneficial and powerful in calming skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis etc due to its high-bacterial properties. This Konjac face sponge is perfect for the extra sensitive among us. Say bye by to flare-ups and itching sensations!

Our 6-wave contour body sponge made from the pure superfood Konjac vegetable exfoliates the skin very gently, revealing healthier-looking skin. Using In The Raw body sponge turns the pleasure of cleansing into an all over body buff perfection. HAPPY WASHING!

Gets the skin clean and soft without any damage like your average sponge.

Natural & ECO-Product
Hand-Crafted product
Gentle yet superior cleansing capabilities
No Chemical Nasties - Free of Parabens, SLS, Fragrance ( or you could say Parabens Free)
Vegan Friendly
Suitable for everyone,

Sensitive Skin with weak protective barrier
Removing any impurities effectively & easily
Alkalinity Nature (pH 8.4 Balanced)
IN THE RAW– pure and natural for all skin types, even babies