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Hydrating, Beauty Pillowcase (Standard Queen Size, White)


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Your DreamSkin Benefits

-Reduces wrinkles and sleep lines
-Moisturizes without creams or chemicals
-Natural Moisture Balance for your Hair
-Luxurious 22,000 filaments per inch
-Retains more moisture than cotton, satin or silk pillowcases
-Cushioning action for your delicate face
-Moisturizing capabilities never wash out
-Safe for sensitive or acne prone skin
-Eco-Friendly. No fragrances or dyes
-Keeps your night cream in your skin
-Renews and Protects
-Works All Night Long

Fabric so intelligent, it moisturizes your skin!
Truly an advanced technology in skin care, the DreamSkin Pillowcase is made with the groundbreaking JuveTex rejuvenating textile. It’s the first physician formulated textile that acts as a cosmetic moisturizer while you sleep. It is designed to control sleep lines and diminish facial wrinkles by 50% as well as enhancing the rebuilding of collagen in your skin.