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Body Awakening Baby Probiotic+ BB 益生菌

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DESCRIPTION Body Awakening Baby Probiotic+ BB 益生菌 功效:• 有助解決便秘、腹瀉、脹氣、胃脹等消化問題• 緩解皮膚過敏問題 (如濕疹、牛皮癬)• 適合在食用抗生素後使用,有助恢復腸道益菌數量• 有助破壞引致酵母過度生長和腸道菌群不平衡的念珠菌• 減輕孕期及產後的便秘情況,更能輔助嬰兒建立健康的微生物群Probiotic+ 產品是由生物發酵而成的結晶粉末,比一般膠囊類產品更易入口,每一茶匙均含有250億益生菌,2歲以上兒童和成人皆可以直接食用,亦可加入果汁或水一同飲用。250億益生菌相等於5升酸奶的益生菌數量。為什麼益生菌如此重要?益生菌(有益細菌)生活在我們腸道内,有助於保護我們免受病原體如病毒、酵母和有害細菌所傷害。益生菌有助於產生免疫系統必須的抗體和一定量的蛋白質,而事實上,體內66%的免疫細胞都是處於我們的胃及腸道內。益生菌分泌的酶,能幫助食物消化和廢物分解。益生菌在懷孕期間更為重要。在懷孕期間,激素會減緩消化過程,再加上嬰兒日漸成長,會對胃腸道產生壓力而導致便秘,此時,益生菌則能幫助孕婦清理腸胃來改善便秘情況。簡而言之, 益生菌是整個消化過程中必不可少的,對付消化系統不適、皮膚過敏和免疫力低下等健康問題,更是功效顯著。 本產品是在澳洲取得GMP認證的醫療設施內生產,所有成分均不使用任何化學肥料,都是有機種植的,都經過認證鑒定。Probiotic+ 100% 全天然成份,不添加任何色素和防腐劑,亦無玉米、乳糖、小麥、大豆或糖等成份,絕對可以放心食用。 食用方法:  成人: 每日2克(一茶匙) ;12歲以上小童:每日1.5克(3/4 茶匙);12歲以下小童:每日1克(半茶匙);2歲以下小童不宜食用。 可直接食用,亦可加入果汁或水等一同飲用。 成份: 每一茶匙(约2 克) 富含300毫克的新鮮卡卡杜李, 200毫克有機麥盧卡蜂蜜, 80億CFU鼠李糖, 150億CFU嗜酸乳桿菌和20億CFU雙歧桿菌。  ...


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Body Awakening Baby Probiotic+ BB 益生菌 功效:
緩解皮膚過敏問題 (如濕疹牛皮癬)

Probiotic+ 產品是由生物發酵而成的結晶粉末,比一般膠囊類產品更易入口,每一茶匙均含有250億益生菌,2歲以上兒童和成人皆可以直接食用,亦可加入果汁或水一同飲用。250億益生菌相等於5升酸奶的益生菌數量。

簡而言之, 益生菌是整個消化過程中必不可少的,對付消化系統不適、皮膚過敏和免疫力低下等健康問題,更是功效顯著。
本產品是在澳洲取得GMP認證的醫療設施內生產,所有成分均不使用任何化學肥料,都是有機種植的,都經過認證鑒定。Probiotic+ 100% 全天然成份,不添加任何色素和防腐劑,亦無玉米、乳糖、小麥、大豆或糖等成份,絕對可以放心食用。

成人: 每日2克(一茶匙) ;12歲以上小童:每日1.5克(3/4 茶匙);12歲以下小童:每日1克(半茶匙);2歲以下小童不宜食用。 可直接食用,亦可加入果汁或水等一同飲用。
每一茶匙(约2 克) 富含300毫克的新鮮卡卡杜李, 200毫克有機麥盧卡蜂蜜, 80億CFU鼠李糖, 150億CFU嗜酸乳桿菌和20億CFU雙歧桿菌。


  • Designed for infants younger than 2 years of age
  • 10 billion probiotics per serving
  • Contains 10 different strains of healthy probiotic bacteria
  • Great for Babies and kids up to 5 years of age
Baby Probiotic+ is safe for newborn babies and up.  This product provides 10 billion probiotics and prebiotics per gram, derived from 10 different strains of healthy bacteria (from the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species).  These probiotic strains have been chosen specifically to safely meet the metabolic and intestinal needs of infants up to toddlers. Made in Australia.
Ingredients: Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium infantis, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus Paracasei, Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus reuterii, Fructooligosaccharides, Maltodextrin, Silica colloidal anhydrous.
Powder Form
Powder form is easy to give to babies and small children. For young babies it can be added to a bottle of expressed milk or formula or placed directly in the mouth. For older babies and children Baby Probiotic+ can be added to water, juice or food such as yogurt and applesauce.
Ideal for balancing gut flora of babies and small children
A healthy gut means improved absorption of nutrients, elimination of waste and improved comfort in babies experiencing digestive issues. It also means a better functioning immune system. Baby Probiotic+ contains both prebiotic and probiotics helping to populate and restore balance of gut flora in their delicate digestive systems.
Colic can be common in the first few months of life and is a sign that baby is suffering from digestive upset and pain. If breastfeeding, it is important that mom check her own diet for potential problematic foods. If bottle-feeding it may be an indication that baby is having a hard time digesting the current formula and an alternative may help. In both situations adding probiotics can help ease discomfort by aiding digestion.
Constipation is not too common in newborns but it does occur occasionally. It is more likely to be experienced by older babies, especially once foods are beginning to be introduced. Probiotics can aid digestion and support healthy elimination.
Eczema can be a sign that baby is reacting to a food or chemical in their diet (or mom’s diet if breastfeeding) or environment or that there is an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria in the digestive tract. Adding probiotics helps increase the good bacteria in the body, which further keeps the bad bacteria in check.


Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that live in our digestive tract. They help keep our immune systems functioning properly, are essential for digestion, assimilation and elimination of the foods we eat and have been found to protect against food allergies. Babies surprisingly are born with a sterile digestive tract but healthy bacteria starts colonizing immediately at birth. Their first exposure to probiotics is through delivery when they gulp some of mom’s flora in the vaginal canal. They continue obtaining these healthy microorganisms through skin-to-skin contact and from breastfeeding.
There are certain instances when infants benefit from additional sources of probiotics. If mom received antibiotics during labor or delivery then her own flora would have been destroyed leaving little to pass on to her child. If baby was delivered by cesarean birth the healthy bacteria would not have been shared from mother to baby or if mom is unable or chooses not to breastfeed then the baby would not be receiving the amounts of probiotics he/she normally would. In these instances babies can benefit from an additional dose of healthy bacteria to help colonize and establish their immune and digestive systems.
Sometimes the early days of a newborns life can be challenging and babies experience uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms. When this happens it is painful for everyone. Probiotics can help reduce many of these symptoms.