Referral Reward 介紹朋友

一旦你在greenbeautykoko.com註冊帳戶,你可以選擇以下途徑(Facebook Messenger / email / Facebook / Twitter / Message)向你的朋友發送屬於你個人獨有的鏈接。 當你朋友通過鏈接購買超過HKD600的商品時,只要輸入鏈接中指定的優惠碼便可即時享用* HKD100折扣獎賞,而你亦獲得* HKD100商店現金獎賞於下次購物時享用
我們希望你盡可能與更多人分享你的Green Beauty Koko體驗。但是,您推薦的朋友需要是新客戶。 被推薦的客戶必須有不同的名稱,電子郵件地址,賬單和運送信息(但不限於地址,電話號碼,付款方式)。 您的朋友必須通過您提供的獨有鏈接進行購買,購買時消費至少HKD600(僅限正價商品),並在首次購買後六個月內使用此優惠碼才能成功獲取折扣。
*公價貨品:Namari,Sappho,Yuli,Restore,Ultimate Glucosamine,Intelligent Nutrients 不能使用

Invite a friend and when they make a purchase*, both you and your friend get HKD100* in store credit once their purchase is complete.
1. How does your referral program work?
Once you sign up for an account at greenbeautykoko.com, you will be able to start sending your unique referral link to your friends via email/Facebook/Messenger /Twitter/Message.
When your friend makes a purchase over HKD600 via the link,  your friend will receive a *HKD100 store credit code for the order. Once your friend order confirm, you will receive a HKD100 discount code.

2. Are there any restrictions to the referral program?
We want you to share your Green Beauty Koko experience with as many people as possible. However, the friends you refer need to be new customers.
The Referred Customer must have a different name, email address, billing and shipping information (including but not limited to address, phone numbers, payment method) from the Referrer.
Your friend must make a successful purchase via the unique link provided by you and spend a minimum of HKD600 (full price items only) after their first purchase within six month to qualify for the *HKD100 store credit.

*Discounted items & Set items are excluded from this promotion.
*Excluded brands that cannot be used in this promotion: Namari, Sappho, Yuli, Restore, Ultimate Glucosamine, Intelligent Nutrients.