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Body Awakening TrueGreens 純綠/麥綠清汁

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Descriptions: Body Awakening TrueGreens 純綠/麥綠清汁 的功效及好處:• 5種超級食物及抗氧化物 (青豆、螺旋藻、小球藻、小麥若葉及苜蓿)提煉而成• 有助日常排毒及養顏功效• 解決便秘、腹瀉、脹氣、胃脹等消化問題• 孕期及產後補充維他命及礦物質等營養• 8 種益生菌,有助增強腸道及免疫系統能力TrueGreens是一款富含高營養、高蛋白的麥綠膳食粉,由青豆、小麥若葉、苜蓿若葉、螺旋藻以及小球藻等類的超級食物生物發酵而成,這些超級食物均含有高成份的維他命、礦物質及抗氧化物,能排清身體毒素,更有養顏之效。TrueGreens每份更富含10億益生菌,有助腸道消化,每日食用能確保身體攝取適量的高質麥綠素,是居家旅行辦公必備良品。它與市場上同類產品比較口感更佳;可與果汁,冰沙等混合飲用,或直接加水沖調。總之是一款非常有益健康的飲品。本產品是在澳洲取得GMP認證的醫療設施內生產,所有成分均不使用任何化學肥料,都是有機種植的,都經過認證鑒定。TrueGreens 100% 全天然成份,不添加任何色素和防腐劑,亦無玉米、乳糖、小麥、大豆或糖等成份,絕對可以放心食用。 Serving per pack: 40 (Serving size: 3g) TrueGreens is a protein-rich green food powder made...


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Serving per pack: 40 (Serving size: 3g)

TrueGreens is a protein-rich green food powder made from bio-fermented whole superfoods including mung beans, wheatgrass, spirulina, alfalfa grass and chlorella. The powder is alkalising to the body and high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Due to the bio-fermented nature of the product, each serving also contains 5 billion healthy probiotic bacteria.

Taking TrueGreens every day is a perfect way to insure you get a solid daily dose of high quality greens, and is an ideal product to keep at home, the office, or take along with you when you travel. TrueGreens has a mild flavour (compared with other green food powders on the market), which makes it perfect for mixing into juices, smoothies or a plain glass of water. Go on, you know it’s good for you.

Manufactured at a GMP certified medical facility in Australia. All ingredients are organic and grown without the use of chemical fertilisers. TrueGreens contains no added colourings or preservatives, no added corn, lactose, wheat, soy or sugar.


青豆 (50%) 、螺旋藻(12%) 、苜蓿粉(12%)、 小麥葉草粉(12%)、 小球藻(12%)、 蔬菜(胡蘿蔔和甜菜)(2%)、 益生菌 (嗜酸乳桿菌、 乳酸桿菌、 植物乳桿菌、 雙歧桿菌、 乳酸桿菌、 乳酸鏈球菌、 布拉迪酵素 及 S.酵素)。

mung beans, spirulina (12%), alfalfa powder (12%), wheatgrass leaf powder (12%) chlorella (12%), vegetable sweetener (carrot & beetroot) (2%), probiotics (including lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus casei, plantarum, bifidus,
lactobacillusbulgaricus, lactobacillus lactis, s. boulardii, s. cevevisiae)

成人: 每日2克(一茶匙) ;12歲以上小童:每日1.5克(3/4 茶匙);12歲以下小童:每日1克(半茶匙);2歲以下小童不宜食用。 可直接食用,亦可加入果汁或水等一同飲用。

One heaped teaspoon mixed into a glass of cold water, juice or smoothie. Children over 12 years take 3/4 adult serving. Children under 12 years take 1/2 adult serving. Not suitable for children under the age of 2, or for women who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Digestive problems – constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating
Superfoods & Antioxidants – spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, alfalfa
Cleansing & detox – daily detoxifier