Multiple vs Single Strain

Probiotcs can be either multiple or single strain – meaning they can contain several different bacteria or one specific bacteria. Whether it contains a single strain or many has no impact on the amount of bacteria it contains.
For general health I usually recommend a multi-strain probiotic and one that contains the most common bacteria found in the digestive tract. The human GI tract contain more than 400 different species of bacteria and some studies estimate this number to be closer to 1000. Naturally, our internal environment is a diverse multi-strain environment and supporting several of those healthy strains can provide the most benefits.
There are certain circumstances when targeting a single strain may be best. For instance if your suffering from diarrhea associated with travel or antibiotic use S. boulardii may be the strain you want to focus on. For women suffering urogenital conditions like urinary tract infection, L rhamnosus may be the bacteria that needs the most boosting.


Jessica William's, co-founder of BodyAwakeningCo.
Jessica has a Masters of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition. She has over a decade of experience working within the nutrition and health industry, has managed one of the world’s leading detox and cleansing retreat centers and has taken hundreds (if not thousands) of people through cleansing and detox programs. Alongside Body Awakening Jessica runs a nutrition practice.

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